Basketball Goal Relocation

Moving homes? Or have you purchased a basketball goal second hand. Let a trusted Service Connection professional handle the hard part. The service provider will remove the backboard and pole from the anchor kit, optionally they can break up the concrete to just below surface level then cover up the hold with dirt. The basketball goal system will be loaded up and transported to a secondary location where the provider will complete the installation using a customer supplied anchor kit.


Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you’ve purchased the wrong anchor kit for your hoop. The concrete installation process is designed to be permanent for maximum strength and cannot be modified once complete. When you receive your anchor kit, be sure to verify that it is the correct size for your hoop BEFORE you start pouring concrete.


To determine the size of your anchor kit, measure from the center of one bolt to the center of an adjacent bolt. These measurements should align with the bolts/bolt holes of the anchor kit you have purchased. Once you have verified you have the correct anchor kit, you are ready to move forward.

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Basketball Goal Relocation

Basketball Goal Installation  Overview

Basketball goal installation is a multi-step process requiring high attention to detail. There are many concerns, including but not limited to safety, structural integrity, proper footer size and concrete application. Below are a few items to consider when installing a basketball goal system.

  •  Proper installation.  The install is split into 2 phases. Phase 1 is setting the anchor system or direct bury pole into concrete. Phase 2 assembly of the rim, backboard, and pole. Reference the manufacturers specification for the specific brand and model. Every step must be followed along with a thorough inspection for potential hazards.
  •  Location. Safety first! Call 811 before you dig. Placement should allow ample room for proper use and should consider underground utilities or other items below the surface or the yard. e.g. irrigation system, radio dog fence, etc.
  • Dirt removal. Have a plan for where 9-16 cubic feet of dirt at a weight of around 1,000lbs to 1,700lbs is going to go when it comes out of the hole you will need for the concrete. Select a place in the yard not to far from the install location. (An installer may offer dirt removal from the property for an additional fee)
  •  Concrete. The amount of concrete use to secure the system in place varies depending on the unit and could range from 750lbs to over 2,000lbs
  •  Inspections and maintenance. You should follow manufacturer-recommended inspection and maintenance guidelines to ensure structural integrity and continued safety.
  • Safe use education. take the time to go over safe and unsafe use of the equipment.
  • Proper system use. Basketball goal systems have specifications for use, ensure that you reference the owner's manual for rim weight restrictions for that system. Not all system support hanging or slamming the rim.

Basketball Goal Relocation Frequently Asked Questions

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