Dig tickets are legally required in every state. Calling in a dig ticket is a free service and it normally takes a couple days to come out and mark the lines. We will need the dig ticket number, start date and expiration date. Even if 811 has come out and marked, digging cannot begin until the legal start date on the ticket.
Providers tend to login in the evenings to check for new requests as they are out on jobs during the day. We also reach out to the providers directly to get quotes to you as soon as possible.
A full refund may be requested at any point up to 24hrs prior to a scheduled appointment in the Service Connection® system. Cancellations after 24hrs prior and same day cancellations may be subject to a 20% cancellation fee as the service provider has already allocated time for the service.
Payment is taken upfront to get on the providers schedule. The amount is held in your account with us until the service has been completed and we receive the required deliverables from the provider showing the work was completed to manufacturer specification.
We have providers all over the country who have all kinds of skills. Most of the service providers do this full-time and some take on extra work to support their family. Each provider has a profile with us that you can view to see if they are the right provider for you.
Once payment is processed you and the providers contact information is released on the site so you can get in contact for scheduling.