Basketball Hoop Installation

In-ground basketball hoop installation can be a daunting task, requiring an array of tools and skills to complete the job successfully. When installed correctly, a basketball hoop can be an attractive addition to your home and can last a lifetime.




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Basketball Hoop Installation

Benefits of Basketball Hoop System 

A basketball hoop system can be an attractive addition to your home if installed carefully and correctly. It can be a great space to promote exercise and family bonding. Some benefits may include. 

  • Increased health and movement
  • Team building
  • Skills improvement
  • Outdoor activity
  • Added value to your home
  • Exercise through sports activity
  • Bragging rights over an epic game of horse 

Types of basketball hoop systems

Basketball hoop system can be made from a variety of materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, tempered glass, plastic along with different thicknesses of metal or a combination thereof. They come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from a small recreational system to a full professional grade system designed for the serious full court player.  

Basketball Hoop Installation  Overview

Basketball hoop installation is a multi-step process requiring high attention to detail. There are many concerns, including but not limited to safety, structural integrity, proper footer size and concrete application. Below are a few items to consider when installing a basketball goal system.

  •  Proper installation.  The install is split into 2 phases. Phase 1 is setting the anchor system or direct bury pole into concrete. Phase 2 assembly of the rim, backboard, and pole. Reference the manufacturers specification for the specific brand and model. Every step must be followed along with a thorough inspection for potential hazards.
  •  Location. Safety first! Call 811 before you dig. Placement should allow ample room for proper use and should consider underground utilities or other items below the surface or the yard. e.g. irrigation system, radio dog fence, etc.
  • Dirt removal. Have a plan for where 9-16 cubic feet of dirt at a weight of around 1,000lbs to 1,700lbs is going to go when it comes out of the hole you will need for the concrete. Select a place in the yard not to far from the install location. (An installer may offer dirt removal from the property for an additional fee)
  •  Concrete. The amount of concrete use to secure the system in place varies depending on the unit and could range from 750lbs to over 2,000lbs
  •  Inspections and maintenance. You should follow manufacturer-recommended inspection and maintenance guidelines to ensure structural integrity and continued safety.
  • Safe use education. take the time to go over safe and unsafe use of the equipment.
  • Proper system use. Basketball hoop systems have specifications for use, ensure that you reference the owner's manual for rim weight restrictions for that system. Not all system support hanging or slamming the rim.

Basketball Hoop Installation Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install a basketball hoop?

Because basketball hoop systems can range widely in size, complexity of install, and the tools and knowledge required to install them installation cost can range from a few hundred dollars to upward of a thousand. With our service, you can get a quote on quality basketball goal installation service near you quickly and easily.

Can I install my basketball hoop directly in the ground?

The most popular type of basketball hoop installation is through the use of an anchor system, this consists of a metal plate with anchor bolt that is set into a concrete footer. This will allow you to bolt the systemin or remove it and take it with you should you move. Other systems require a portion of the pole to be installed into the concrete footer, then the remaining unit to be bolted to the pole.

Do basketball hoop require a building permit?

While a basketball hoop system does not require a permit you will need to have a current clearance to dig in the area where the basketball hoop system will be place to ensure no underground utilities will be affected. If you have an HOA, you may need to check to ensure basketball hoops are allowed.

How long does it take to installation a basketball hoop?

The typical install timeline will depend on the size of the concrete footer for your specific model. Plan on a 3-5 day process with 2 visits. 1 day to dig the hole, pour the concrete, and set the anchor followed by a 2-4 day waiting period for the concrete to cure, with a 2 day visit to assembly the rest of the system and attach it to the anchor.

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