Playset Assembly

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Playset Assembly

Benefits of Playsets

A playset is an excellent addition to your outdoor living space for many reasons. Along with physical benefits like increased overall health and release of excess energy, outdoor imaginative play also contributes to healthy social skills, increased self-awareness and stress relief. Surveys have found children who are encouraged to play outdoors usually carry that enjoyment into adulthood and often have a strong respect for the environment. 

Types of Playsets and Play Surfaces

Children's playsets can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, plastic or metal or a combination thereof. Common play surfaces for playgrounds and swing sets are loose-fill materials like wood mulch, rubber playground mulch, sand and pea gravel or unitary surfaces like grass, rubber tiles and artificial turf. All types of playsets and playground surfaces have pros and cons and can vary widely in price, durability and safety. Please research your options to ensure you are making the best choice for your family. 

Playset Assembly Overview

Playset assembly is a multi-step process requiring high attention to detail. Safety should be the main concern when a playset is assembled. Below is a list of items that should be considered.

  •  Proper assembly. The playset should be assembled per the manufacturers specifications, and every step must be followed along with a thorough inspection for potential hazards.
  •  Location. Placement should allow a buffer zone of at least 6 feet around the entire playset and a distance equal to the slide length when exiting the slide.
  •  Surface. The play surface should absorb impact. Loose mulch is the most popular play surface, but there are many to choose from.
  •  Inspections and Maintenance. Depending on the material the playset is made from, it will require routine inspection and maintenance to ensure continued safety.
  •  Safe play education. Parents or caregivers should take the time to go over safe and unsafe use of the equipment with children.
  •  Proper use. All playsets have specifications for use. Read those and follow them, ensuring you reference your owner's manual for weight restrictions of the various components of your specific playset as well.

Playset Assembly Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my child's playset have cracks in the wood?

Wood is a natural product and will have minor cracks and may experience minor splitting during assembly. This is normal but should be examined and sanded to avoid splinters during use.

How long does it take to assemble a playset?

The average amount of time it takes for a skilled, experienced assembler with a helper to complete a medium sized assembly is 6-8 hours. However, depending on the size and features of the different playsets, it could vary from 3 hours to 3 days for the same experienced assemblers. Those same playsets typically will take a person unfamiliar with this type of assembly about three times as long to complete.

Will an assembler work if there is inclement weather?

The use of ladders and power tools and the general safety of the work environment will be impacted by inclement weather or the threat of inclement weather. Communication with the assembler is helpful in this situation.

Should I have mulch or a play surface ready before a playset is installed?

No. Wait until the playset is assembled before the play surface is added. Adding it prior to assembly will cause the assembly to take longer.

How level does the site for a playset need to be?

The assembly location must be completely level. An improperly prepared site will cause the entire playset to be tilted and will create a dangerous play environment.

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